Send-Ins Warranty Policy

I firmly believe in the quality of my products and workmanship. Therefore all orders at The Retro Hero are protected under a 90-day (beginning from the date received) software and hardware warranty. In the unlikely event your console prematurely fails due to any natural (not at the fault of the user) reason, it will either be replaced or refunded. Any physical and/or system-related modifications by the buyer will void this warranty. Numbered tamper-proof seals are always used to ensure console integrity.

For send-ins, you are responsible for ensuring your console arrives to me safely. I will not be held responsible for any damages before receiving your package. Furthermore, I will thoroughly test your console before servicing it AND before boxing it up and shipping it back to you.

This warranty covers only the modding of your console. For example, if I only flashed your DVD drive or replaced the laser, warranty covers the DVD drive only. The warranty does not cover other components of the system that were not directly serviced, user inflicted damage, or acts of God.

This policy may be updated at any time without notice.