Send-In Service Instructions

How To Order

  1. Add the Send-In service to your cart. Once you’ve placed the order, I will email you with the information on where to ship your package. Just a heads up, A signed USPS customs form will be required to deliver packages to my FPO address.
  2. Upon receiving your console, it will undergo rigorous testing and a meticulous cleaning process to eliminate any dust or debris that may have accumulated over the years. I will then proceed to install the requested modifications and conduct extensive testing to ensure optimal functionality. Your system will be promptly returned to you via USPS Priority Mail (est. 10 days in transit).
  3. Make sure to pack your console with care. Only send the console and applicable kit, excluding any games or peripherals. Unless specified, it is essential that the console is also in working condition.
  4. If you have any specific requests for return shipping, such as insurance or signature on delivery, please let me know.
  5. Please remember to either leave a note inside the box or simply write the order number on the outside so that I can easily identify your property upon its arrival.
  6. Please do not send the package with signature confirmation. My PO Box is secure, and if I have to sign for your package, there will be an extra charge.
  7. I prioritize the quality of my services over a quick turnaround time. It usually takes 7-10 days for all consoles to be completed. However, most consoles are typically finished within a few business days after they are received. If there are any problems with your console or any special circumstances, I will keep you informed throughout the process.

Turn-Around Time

I prioritize the quality of my services over a quick turnaround time. Rest assured that all consoles will be processed within a few days. If I suspect there will be any delays, problems or special circumstances, I will keep you informed every step of the way.

Post Sales Support

These gaming consoles are quite outdated and unfortunately, I cannot provide any warranty for them. However, I can assure you that the modifications I make will be guaranteed. If you require assistance, message me. Please keep in mind that I cannot take responsibility for any problems you may encounter with cables, video processors, or displays. I will do my utmost to assist you, but I cannot be held liable.


  1. Please refrain from drop-shipping your system to me through eBay or any other third-party seller. Kindly include only the necessary items and nothing more. Please note that I cannot guarantee the return of any items that were mistakenly included in the order. I do not provide any warranties, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, missing products, operational failure, or damage caused by a product sent via eBay or a third-party seller.
  2. I will not entertain defective or malfunctioning consoles (such as those with internal damage or overheating issues). In the event that I find your console to be inoperable during my initial inspection, I will promptly inform you and return it without carrying out any services. A partial refund will be issued, deducting 15% to compensate for my time and inconvenience.