Xbox 360 Slim, RGH 3 (Trinity, 4 GB) #2968


Console Rundown:

  • Trinity motherboard, 4GB
  • Boots into Aurora dashboard (latest version)
  • Boot times: Instant, up to 20 seconds
  • OG Xbox game compatible
  • Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • New Arctic MX-4 thermal paste applied
  • Disc drive belt replaced
  • All functions work 100%

NOT Included:

  • No preloaded Games or ROMs
  • Power supply can be purchased separately


SKU: 2968 Categories: , Tags: , , Unless you OPT OUT of purchasing an HDD/SSD, all RGH'd consoles come preinstalled with (at minimum): XeXMenu, Dashlaunch, Aurora Dashboard, FCE360, SNES360, GENESIS360, and MAME