Nintendo Game Boy Color Q5 V2 Laminated IPS LCD, #3689


This modified Nintendo Game Boy Color comes with a Q5 V2 Laminated IPS LCD, which has a screen that is 25% larger than the original model. The system works perfectly and performs well! It is housed in a new shiny gold shell with black buttons and a new glass lens.

Q5 V2 Screen features:

The On Screen Display (OSD) menu has options for adjusting Brightness, Vertical Position, Horizontal Position, Pixel Effect, Battery Meter, Color Adjust, and Factory Reset.

  • To change color, use the Left touch sensor (Hold to turn on/off pixel effect).
  • To adjust brightness, use the Right touch sensor (Hold to turn on/off Battery display meter).

Using the OSD:

  • To access the OSD menu, hold Select and press A + B at the same time.
  • Scroll through the menu by pressing A and B (A=Up, B=Down).
  • To enter a function, hold Select and press A.
  • Set the desired level by pressing A or B (A=Right, B=Left).
  • To save changes, hold Select and press A.
  • To exit, hold Select and press B.

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