Custom Halo Xbox Original, Softmodded + 2TB HDD, #5078


This is a fully refurbished Limited Edition Halo Version Xbox Original, 1.6 revision. It’s clean and looks even better in person.

So what exactly has been done to this console:

  • Softmodded via Rocky5’s method
  • XBMC4Gamers dashboard + custom green theme
  • 2TB HDD loaded with CoinOps and more
  • CPU/GPU thermal paste replaced with Arctic MX-6
  • All faulty/swollen capacitors replaced
  • Clock capacitor removed
  • Disc drive belt replaced
  • Orange 3D printed feet
  • Startech IDE to SATA adapter
  • Orange controller port LEDs
  • Xbox Live ready (registered with Insignia)
  • Power cord included

Please zoom in on the included photos to see the exact condition of the item.


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